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<< XQuery.NET and XML >>

By Dimitre Novatchev
First Posted 09/29/2001
Times viewed 9103

XPath Visualizer 1.4

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Summary A visual tool to test your XPath Statements

XPath Visualiser is a tool that enables you to test your XPath queries.

30 Aug '01: Version v1.4
New Features:
1. Support for IE6.
2. Better colouring when displaying xml documents that are stylesheets.
2. Hi-lighting attributes with values inherited from a DTD.

If you would like to read about XPath Visualiser and see some screen shots, please go to Dimitre's Subweb at XPathVisualizer

Visualiser supports the September MSXML Parser.

Other features are:

  • 1. Namespace axis support.
  • 2. Detecting and hi-lighting collapsed elements that contain some hidden selections.

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<< XQuery.NET and XML >>

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