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The Daily Grind 979

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Category : BizTalk Server
Blogged date : 2006 Sep 27

Sleep...nice when you can get it...

Software Hardware
  • Accellion Courier SFTA - That stands for "Secure File Transfer Appliance." I had a nice chat with these guys; their goal is to take the pain out of moving reasonably large (up to 10GB) files around without clogging up mail servers with attachments or requiring setup of FTP sites. As the guy who gets to set up our one-off FTP accounts this was interesting to me. Basically it's a secure Web server that has its own Web mail client or that integrates to your existing Outlook or Notes installs. When you send a file, it translates this into sending a link and then manages the details of setting up a SSL-protected transfer. There's also provision for incoming secure transfers from your business partners, as well as an enterprise version that has some smarts for moving files close to where they're used among multiple offices. Pricing starts around $3500 and you can check their blog for more info.


New DotNetBar 6.0 is here...

DotNetBar Screenshot DotNetBar 6.0 is here and it has the most comprehensive Office 2007 style User Interface components available.

New 6.0 release features:
  • Scrollable drop-down Gallery control
  • Fully automatic Ribbon MDI Merging
  • Multi-key KeyTips functionality
  • Check box and option box item type in Office 2007 style
  • Automatic support for flexible Ribbon resizing
  • New design-time interface for dockable windows, toolbar and menus
  • Much much more...
DotNetBar is toolbox of 21 components that help you create professional user interface with ease.

Download trial version today and see why DotNetBar is the leader!

Bridge Java and .NET

JNBridgePro enables you to join anything Java together with anything .NET across the platform boundary.

Anything includes objects, classes, instance members, static members, fields, properties, methods, generics, and enums.

Bridge J2SE, J2EE, EJBs, JMS, JNDI and JVMs with .NET rich-client GUIs, ASP.NET, or BizTalk Server.

JNBridgePro’s flexible architecture scales from in-process to cross-network.
We make the incompatible compatible so you don't have to.

Free 30-day evaluation:

PrettyCode.Print for .NET and VB6/VBA

PrettyCode.Print enables you to produce professionally styled color coded printouts of source code that are ideal to

  • Prepare your code for Code Reviews
  • Produce a beautiful paper backup of your code
  • Locate bugs, and identify areas for improvement
  • Use samples of code in your proposals, technical briefs, and presentations
  • more ideas

Visit for Free Download


A solid issue tracker is part of any smart strategy to ship software on time. And Axosoft's OnTime 2006 is more than a bug tracker...that's why it's the leading software for enabling development teams to ship software on time.

When you manage a software development project with OnTime 2006, you'll have access to all of the tools you need to keep your team focused on the project, rather than having them focused on managing the process.

Join over 5,000 development teams world-wide, and start shipping software on time with OnTime 2006, the issue tracker of choice for entrepreneurs, SMBs, and large corporations.

Download Axosoft OnTime 2006!
(FREE single-user edition / 30-day trial for teams)

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