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The Daily Grind 1076

Blogger : Larkware News
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Category : BizTalk Server
Blogged date : 2007 Feb 12

And here I thought weekends were the time I was supposed to get more sleep.

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SPG.Net eliminates the Microsoft PropertyGrid shortcomings and introduces a totally new control rewritten from scratch. With this component you can:

  • Build its content dynamically (using reflection or not) with an infinite number of subcategories like in a tree,
  • Use lots of inplace controls like updown buttons, trackbars, progress bars, radio buttons, checkboxes, color pickers and more,
  • Customize the appearance of each property and the global look of the grid,
  • Reuse your existing TypeConverter, UITypeEditor and ICustomTypeDescriptor classes,
  • Add TAB navigation, custom sorting, value validation, hyperlinks, property enumerators, searching, tooltips, ellipsis, ...
  • Now supports .Net 1.1 and 2.0.

All this and a lot more is just one click away at

And don't forget the free PropertyGrid for MFC!!

Genome 3.0 object-relational mapping with LINQ support

Speed up development in mission-critical projects with O/RM. Integrate with LINQ when it’s released without starting over from scratch.

Genome 3.0 exclusively supports .NET 2.0, making use of .NET 2.0-specific features:

  • Generics: Genome collections and query results are fully compatible with native .NET ICollection and IEnumerable
  • Support for distributed transactions with System.Transactions
  • Support for .NET 2.0 nullable types (Nullable)

Visit to find out more about the advantages of object-relational mapping with Genome:

  • No need to break encapsulation in your data access query logic: decompose and reuse query logic without unnecessary database roundtrips.
  • Benefit from query compilation: discover errors in query logic during compile time. No need to wait for LINQ to get rid of those runtime errors.
  • Switch to LINQ whenever you are ready for it: Genome will allow you to switch to LINQ whenever it becomes available without throwing out your existing OQL code.


A solid bug tracker is part of any smart strategy to ship software on time. And Axosoft's OnTime 2006 is more than a bug tracker...that's why it's the leading software for enabling development teams to ship software on time.

When you manage a software development project with OnTime 2006, you'll have access to all of the tools you need to keep your team focused on the project, rather than having them focused on managing the process.

Join over 5,000 development teams world-wide and start shipping software on time with OnTime 2006, the bug tracker of choice for entrepreneurs, SMBs, and large corporations.

Download Axosoft OnTime 2006!
(FREE single-user edition / 30-day trial for teams)

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Page 10551 of 21350

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