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IP Babble Banner

Blogger : IP Babble
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Category : SOA
Blogged date : 2008 Oct 09

The new IP Babble banner is made up of the following:

It ought to be obvious but the cloud is the IP network and, of course, it is babbling.

In the background I've included a picture I took while in Tokyo recently. It was taken from the top of the Hotel New Otani. Actually the building in which IONA has its office is just right and below of center behind the "sizeof(" code. The orignial (though resized) picture is found here.

The code layered over the photo includes some Web Services Description Language (WSDL) taken, but modified, from a sample WSDL in the open source ESB Celtix. It also includes some IP code from the ip.c file of the open source Unix project OpenBSD.

Big thanks to Barry O'Mahony for all the help with the website and the new banner. Barry's own blog can be found here.

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Page 2863 of 21350

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