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IBM developerWorks article on how to achieve better Web services interoperability

Blogger : Christian Weyer: Smells like service spirit
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Category : WS, web services
Blogged date : 2004 Dec 29

...and I must say that they just think doing it this way is good...

Web services programming tips and tricks: Improve interoperability between J2EE technology and .NET, Part 1: WSDL, RPC/encoded style, and WS-I conformance

Weaving together Web services to create cross-organizational business processes requires all partners to program to the same standard model and to avoid exposing proprietary implementations. After many years of promoting the interoperability among vendors through joint efforts on standardizing protocols, significant progress has been made. However, the ultimate goal of making Web services interact seamlessly is still a frequent concern and a hot discussion topic. Explore the source of some common interoperability challenges facing Web services integration across platforms and join the author in analyzing a number of interoperability problems resulting from interaction styles, basic data types and structures, and namespace issues between .NET and J2EE technology. Wangming Ye offers best practices that you can use to avoid problems and improve the chances of successful integration. The first part of the series stresses the importance of WSDL design and analyzes the strength and pitfalls of the traditional RPC/encoded style in Web services interoperability.

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Page 20126 of 21350

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