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News Wire: Google Rips Off Yahoo!

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Category : WS, web services
Blogged date : 2006 Dec 12

  • Google has apparently ripped off Yahoo!’s page to market a branded version of Internet Explorer 7. The designs match very closely, and the screenshot has been tweaked in a few conspicuous places.
    (tags: google yahoo! ie)
  • A major new version of Java is now generally available. Major new features include scripting language support, core support for web services, improved performance, subpixel antialiasing on LCD monitors, and better support for desktop OS features.
    (tags: java)
  • This graphic calculator is an amazing example of what can be accomplished with the canvas support in browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Opera. In Internet Explorer, which doesn’t support canvas, graphs are generated more slowly with VML. (thanks lox)
  • Web-based tool for creating pie charts, resulting in a downloadable image you can post to your blog or web site. Based on GDGraph library for PHP. (thanks jamesbooker)
    (tags: design php)
  • WordPress 2.1 is on the verge of release. This post provides vital pointers for plug-in authors to update their WordPress extensions to work with the new version.
    (tags: php software)

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Page 11173 of 21350

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