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Silverlight Cream for February 06, 2009 -- #509

Blogger : WynApse
All posts : All posts by WynApse
Category : WSCF/WCF
Blogged date : 2009 Feb 07

In this issue: Ken Cox, Damon Payne, Dean Chalk, Colin Eberhardt, and Jesse Liberty.


David Anson has the ultimate collection of articles on Silverlight Charts on his site, unless you search SilverlightCream that is :) My new home page, expanded [Updated collection of great Silverlight Charting resources!]

Walt Ritscher has two new entries up in his Reflecting on Design series: Reflecting on Design #4 and Reflecting on Design #5... not to mention Walt's excellent header for his page ... I've always liked that!

Walt also blogged about a cool WPF app for pulling images up to use in your work: Ginipic - Dockable WPF Picture Integration Tool

I'm putting Mike Snow's latest tip out here because (IMHO) it's more a VS thing than a SL thing, but they are related: Silverlight Tip of the Day #90 – How to Edit your CSPROJ File from VS

Source Code for Creating a Silverlight 2 Data Form Released
Ken Cox has posted all the code for his excellent Silverlight Data Form series. He does a little forensics on the overal project, and thanks for the shoutout Ken!
Build an Image HotSpot Designer in Silverlight
Damon Payne has a submittal up for the Write and Win contest, and it's a very cool HotSpot Designer... if you don't know what that is, check out his article ... well, ok, even if you DO know what it is :)
Generic Filter Control for Silverlight DataGrid
Dean Chalk has another post up and this one is on a Filter control for a Silverlight DataGrid. This might be close to what I'm needing for the Silverlight Cream search!
Adding a Location Crosshair to Silverlight Charts
I found this by way of SilverlightShow and is a post by Colin Eberhardt that is not to be missed. Just saying adding a crosshair to a Silverlight Chart is one thing... seeing that thing work is an altogether different... this is seriously cool! And yeah, the code is avaiable, too :)
New Tutorial: DataGrid Binding via Data Entities & WCF
Jesse Liberty has his latest tutorial up in C#, VB, HTML and PDF ... what more could you ask?? Another great detailed tutorial, thanks Jesse!

Stay in the 'Light!

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