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Today and tomorrow: Will Indigo heal...

Blogger : Christian Weyer: Smells like service spirit
All posts : All posts by Christian Weyer: Smells like service spirit
Category : WSCF/WCF
Blogged date : 2005 Feb 08

In the next weeks and months I want to talk about Indigo - not surprising, eh But instead of just listing all the new features (OK, I would not have enough time and space here to do so, anyway...), I want to pick some hand-selected areas of Indigo architecture and programming model that make a distributed application programmer`s life easier compared to using today`s technologies. It does not make a lot of sense when you just list everything that is new in Indigo. This is up to a bunch of new books that may come or not... First, there is a lot of new stuff. Second, nobody can actually cope with all this `naked` information. So hopefully it helps some people out there to put it a bit into context. We will talk about services, hosting and process models, contracts, communication/message exchange patterns, security, reliable messaging, transactions, configuration & deployment, ... you name it. Stay tuned...

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Page 19696 of 21350

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