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Blogger : Sam Gentile
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Category : WSCF/WCF
Blogged date : 2006 Jul 15


  • Two geat posts by the Hosting man in Indigo, Steve Maines, on the ServiceHostFactory API, and ServiceHostFactory vs. ServiceHostFactoryBase. The ServiceHost is crucial for WCF developers to understand, as it gives WCF a lot of power. It abstracts away the notion of a Host so it'sa fairly simple manner to switch hosts with a config file setting pretty much and you can host from any AppDomain that has a CLR - WAS, IIS, Console EXE, Windows App, Windows Service, etc
  • Christian Weyer has slides from his MSDN US webcast on Contract-First Web Services, go ahead and grab them. He also his slides from his MSDN US webcast on designing and dimplementing transactions in distributed solutions with WCF. The slides and the demos for that one are there as well. Christian is one of the best thinkers and speakers in this space so I highly encourage you to go get them. Christian was kind enough to loan me some Contract-First slides for my SOA and Indigo talks so you'll see some of the large influence his thinking has had on me personally.
  • Nicholas Allen continues his oustanding WCF series on Pieces of the Messaging Framework, Part 4.
  • Jeff makes some good points in his Concern Oriented Architecture (CBA), "As I look at various SOA efforts in large enterprises, I've begun to realize that their technical issues have little to do with the primary SOA patterns (client-intermediary-service, publish-discover-invoke) or styles (ubiquitous Web service connectors at the edge, etc.). Instead, the time consuming (and often expensive) efforts have to do with old fashion separation of concerns. Let's call this Concern Oriented Architecture or COA for short." But please, no more Acroynms! -)

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