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Blogger : Sam Gentile
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Category : WSCF/WCF
Blogged date : 2007 Jun 08

Agile/TDD/Software Development


ASP.NET/Ajax/Visual Studio

  • ScottGu has been doing these great weekly roll-up posts lately; Here's one from May 31st

SQL Server Katmai

Windows Workflow


  • Ayende quite correctly says, "It's Not a War, It's Not even a hot argument" in response to Kevin. As I said there, "I said something to the effect that there is no war, there is not even violent disagreement. There are passionate people that deeply care about their craft and like to debate ideas. I might see 'can't we just get along?' as just accepting the status quo. I think we should constantly question the status quo, step out of our comfort zones to learn from each other. I have learned a lot by Ayende's questioning personally. I know O/RM for instance is 'new' for many of us and it challenges many assumptions over the years that Microsoft (wrongly) told us over the years with SPs. As I have expanded my horizons, I have learned a lot with the daily use of O/RM in my project and it has changed a lot of what I assumed and knew."

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Page 9524 of 21350

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