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Blogger : Sam Gentile
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Category : WSCF/WCF
Blogged date : 2007 Jun 29

TGIF!! I am super busy right now designing a multi-CPU/multi-threaded Parallel Calculation Engine and diving into the science of Parallel Computing. I'll have some links when I get a chance.

Windows Workflow

  • Tomas talks about Silver, the integration of WF + WCF. The marriage is sorely needed because, as I have posted here, the current situation well, sucks. Silver uses Queues and bypasses EDS completely, which is what anyone needs to do to have any real success of communication into Workflows. Because we could not use Orcas here, we actually implemented our own version of the mechanism to avoid the hell that is EDS.
  • Jon Flanders, the guy that helped me with the above, also worked on the PageFlow Sample that has been updated to V1.1
  • Even more interesting is that he has working on this project for hosting Workflows inside of BizTalk. This is very interesting as developing your own host is so not trivial, but I totally challenge Paul's assertion that "No BizTalk Experience Required."


  • Steve Jones has a post YAGNI, Requirements and why scaling isn't always important that I totally agree with and is in-line with what I try to do as an "Agile Architect": "Split information exchange from the business services, and worry about the scaling that is appropriate for your information exchange. Don't worry about technical purity and some "wonder" architectural approach. Don't over engineer because if you do X (or R) then it will scale to 100,000 users, but your requirements say "6".

Software Design/Agile/XP/Design Patterns/CAB


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