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Blogger : Sam Gentile
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Category : WSCF/WCF
Blogged date : 2007 Dec 23

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WCF/Web Service Software Factory/Oslo/Neudesic

  • I really love the new Web Services Software Factory and the Contract Modeling capabilities. They just recently released the WCF Security Guidance Package which automates applying security settings and guidance. After the last four years with Indigo, it is really the security that is the toughest part, simply because there are *so* many options to choose from. This really helps.
  • Pablo has a nice post on WCF Dependency Injection
  • Marty makes it official
  • After almost 3 years of the one talk SOA with WCF that I have been doing (its been changed every time though), I am going for a very deep, advanced WCF talk on Pub-Sub and advanced MEP concepts and then showing how to get that advanced capability out of the box with our Neuron ESB at the upcoming Philly Code Camp. I am going to leap in at the place my other talks have ended and spend a lot more time on what you can achieve with WCF.
  • I'm happy to announce that again, Neudesic will be a Gold Sponsor at the event


  • Speaking of us, UX is one of our up and coming Practices and they recently impressed at  the Phizzpop Design Challenge in Austin. Josh Holmes had this to say, "Neudesic actually worked out of the room that I was hanging out at to be available the entire time. They had three team members, two devs and a pure designer. It was great to watch how cohesive they worked together. For the 2.5 day build, they set up a team site and source control. They almost did TDD, Continuous Integration and everything but they quickly realized that they were not going to be maintaining this code beyond Friday because whatever they build would be considered a prototype and would be tossed if they ever went forward with it. They sat down and started hammering out a design and as soon as they identified components that they were sure that they were going to need, one of their team started building those. The others kept on until they knew the services that they needed and the other dev started on those. The designer started creating assets and they started sticking those assets on the components and then stared wiring those components up to services. It was fabulous to watch. They had, hands down, the most completely implemented and least vaporware solution that was presented. However, it was a design contest and their design was good but it wasn't the best. I, personally, have a tremendous amount of respect for the Neudesic team and feel comfortable recommending them as the UI team for anyone. The questions that they asked were definitely cutting edge and showed they were pushing the technologies (Silverlight 2.0, WCF and so on) to the limit. The only one that they were really stumped on was a cross domain issue where they were calling services on a different domain which is not allowed in the current release. It's coming, but not hear yet. "

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