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ANN: Talking in Austin on 12/13

Blogger : ChristophDotNet
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Category : WSE
Blogged date : 2004 Dec 09

About the presentation:Web services are making their ways into the enterprise. Yet, Web service technology is continuing its evolution into a mature, full-fledged platform for feature-rich and secure enterprise applications.This talk presents two second-generation development frameworks: Web services enhancements (WSE) and the Integration Bridge Framework (IBF). WSE adds a number of improvements over the Web services support built into the .NET Framework namely: Support for the WS-Security family of specifications light-weight Web services without requiring the IIS web serve Improved support for message-oriented message exchange patterns A declarative, policy driven programming model based on WS-PolicyIBF is an application framework to enhance productivity of information workers by integrating Web services directly into Microsoft Office 2003 documents, such as Word documents or emails displayed in Outlook. Bringing data from other applications directly into office documents eliminates the need of switching between different applications offers and thus streamlines business processes.Together the two frameworks deliver a secure platform for effective and secure productivity solutions. The talk examines the need for security in a Web services environment and introduces the capabilities of WSE and IBF

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Page 20324 of 21350

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