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New and Notable 101

Blogger : Sam Gentile
All posts : All posts by Sam Gentile
Category : WSE
Blogged date : 2006 Jun 14

Not much today.


  • The WCF RSS Toolkit is a Windows Communication Foundation-based framework for generating RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 content feeds
  • Steve Maine on the WCF RSS Toolkit
  • The latest WCF Documentation CTP (June 2 release) is now available for download.
  • Microsoft today announced the creation of a new Customer Executive Council on Interoperability. [via Jorgen]
  • Microsoft has recently released a WS-Federation sample based on the SAML implementation for WSE 3.0. [via Cibrax]. Hmm, maybe I could modify this and my stuff for WCF as we are headed towards WS-Federation and SAML soon



  • Links as valuable blog content? asks Jason Haley
  • Andrew Garrett says No One Links to the Linkers
  • The big news is my good friend Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft. There is all sorts of bullshit thats being spun out of this which Scoble corrects here. I know Microsoft did not ever restrict him in any way and he was very happy there. I winced myself a number of times but I know Robert made a HUGE difference in community relations for Microsoft and for people like me who Robert included in many programs and activities.



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Page 13372 of 21350

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