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Syncato and Berkeley DB XML 2

Blogger : Inspirational Technology
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Category : XML
Blogged date : 2005 Dec 29

After far too long, I`ve finally gotten around to updating Syncato to work with Berkeley DB XML 2. This was actually more work than I expected as the details of transactions have changed quite a bit and it`s extremely easy to deadlock the thing if you don`t have things perfect. It seems to be working pretty well now though.

So, for anyone wondering if Syncato is still being worked on, it is and there will be a new release at some point, hopefully soon. When it`s released it will have support for the Microcontent Description (MCD) format I created for the Structured Blogging effort. That means you`ll be able to drop MCD files from the Structured Blogging tools into Syncato to create custom post types. Of course, Syncato is entirely based around microcontent so the MCD stuff is a much more natural fit there then it is in the world of Wordpress and Movable Type.

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Page 15850 of 21350

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