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Jul 19, 2006 News Wire

Blogger : SitePoint Blogs
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Category : XML
Blogged date : 2006 Jul 19

  • James Newton-King’s .NET library to ease communication between AJAX frontends and .NET web applications using JSON has been updated. The new version includes seamless XML to JSON translation.
  • An excellent run-down of ten common mistakes made by developers that can hurt the security and performance of ASP.NET web applications.
  • Components of the Java platform are expected to be open-sourced in time for JavaOne in June next year. Certain parts of the platform may take much longer to become available, however.
  • John C. Dvorak sees problems in CSS. His language isn’t very accurate (e.g. his “cascading” seems to be CSS inheritance). Chief complaint: cross-browser inconsistency, which is improving quickly despite his claim that nothing is being done.
    (tags: css)
  • From a developer of Community Server, the popular ASP.NET blogging software, comes a work-around for the previously-reported erroneous 302 status code that can occur in ASP.NET 2.0, causing a site to disappear off Google.
    (tags: google)
  • Bjoern Hoehrmann, a longtime developer of tools like the W3C HTML Validator announces his severing of ties with that organization, laying out the reasons he believes the W3C is not meeting the need for improved tools and services.
    (tags: standards html)
  • Jeffrey Zeldman shares his thoughts on the current state of the W3C in light of several recent high-profile departures from the organization. Is the W3C failing us?
    (tags: standards)
  • A major update to this slick Java blog application.
    (tags: java)
  • Microsoft has apparently delayed the release of its Expression tools (including Expression Web Designer, which competes directly with Dreamweaver) to next year at the earliest.
  • A nice summary of and run-down of resources on the various work-arounds to Internet Explorer’s infamous CSS rollover caching bug.
    (tags: css ie)
  • This seems to have been around for almost a year, but it’s news to me. A free service that returns a screenshot of your site in Safari in only a couple of seconds (many services take a few minutes).
    (tags: safari)
  • An interesting (though, as always with such things, ultimately inconclusive) comparison of performance between MVC frameworks Symfony (PHP), Rails (Ruby), and Django (Python). Django wins, Symfony flounders.
  • A short-and-sweet introduction to building custom components for use in Flex 2.
    (tags: flex)
  • If pure experiences are your thing, this “just text, no distractions” editor might be what you’re looking for.
    (tags: software .net)
  • The latest preview release of .NET 3.0 (nee WinFX) is now available.
    (tags: .net)

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Page 12913 of 21350

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