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Store Excel Formulas in SQL Server DB

Blogger : John R. Durants WebLog
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Category : XML
Blogged date : 2005 Apr 07

Two of my colleagues, Sergei Gundorov and Clark Hamilton, have been busy, busy, busy. They did a three-part series of articles on Excel, and the third one is perhaps their best: Part 3: Replicating Excel 2003 Formulas to SQL Server
The basic gist is using hidden XML mapped cells via metadata to store formulas for import or export. It`s a very clever idea. You`ll need to read parts 1 and 2 to fully grasp the situation, but I recommend you set aside a few minutes and dig in.

Recently, Scoble blogged about disclosing any deals you have that influence your blog (Scoble: for the life of me, I can`t find the post right now). The last thing I want is Scoble and the blog avatars coming down on me, so I figure I need to come clean: I genuinely believe that Sergei and Clark`s articles are first rate. But, they really got my allegiance when they dropped off a T-shirt with this Napoleon Dynamite quote (after I had already blogged about their content, mind you!):

I welcome T-Shirts, for sure.

 Rock Thought for the Day: I listened to Arcade Fire`s 2004 release uplifitingly titled: Funeral. But, I think this is the birth of this band. They will probably deny that they are heavily, heavily influenced by Talking Heads. My consciously they are not, but it`s unmistakable nonetheless. All in all, a good LP.

Rock On and Vote for Pedro

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Page 19027 of 21350

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